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Digging Deeper Into Your Casco Yard Drainage Project

Dealing with a wet and flooded yard is never fun for any homeowner. When we work with our Casco clients, we follow a proven system to provide the quality results they are looking for. The initial meeting is to gather the necessary information before we can make an educated guess as to the scope and breadth of what work needs to occur. The more information we have on a project before beginning leads to greater success for the customer.

For instance, when assessing a yard drainage concern with excessive amounts of water, the following questions are standard operating procedure:

  • Where does the water come from?
  • How much water is there, and where does it go?
  • Does it go into the house, or is it an inconvenience around the outside?

The more information gathered in these initial meetings the better the outcome.  It is extremely helpful if the client has pictures or a video of the issue.  Oftentimes, this piece of information will let us know to what extent the project may entail.

Let’s say that there is an abundance of water flowing in the yard.  Do we use a Catch basin, a French drain, or a dry well? All are viable choices used for water control with plumbing or tanks. Or we can hook up to a storm sewer, but sometimes that is cost-prohibitive, especially if the water issue isn’t that great.

Once we determine the best Casco yard drainage solutions for this water problem, there will be the final component. Typically, there will be some grading along the house or in the yard to further divert water away. Having customer involvement at this point is critical. Greenway LS makes sure the client is comfortable with the procedure before we begin. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solution, one they will be glad they chose.

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We have many proven methods to address any water issues impacting your yard and home.

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Have pooling water in your Casco yard?

Have you ever noticed after a rain, water pooling around certain areas of your yard? Or, that your yard has both high and low spots, causing the rain to settle in those low spots? Over an extended period, this may do more than making your yard look unsightly. Additionally, it could be creating further damage that can hit you in the pocketbook.

Improper grading and drainage in a yard can cause extensive damage to a home’s driveway, sidewalks, patios, and basement foundations. Repairs for cracked and damaged foundations on average run between $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the extent of the damage. With preventative maintenance these problems can be easily avoided.

Greenway LS can provide different yard drainage solutions in Casco to to address your yards problems. For example, if the issue is one of drainage, you may want to look at:

  • Gravel Drainage – The options include pea gravel, river rock, base gravel, or a combination of all the above.
  • Drain Tile – Much like your home’s sump pump, drain tile is the underground piping system that can absorb, hold, and carry water away from your yard and home. Drain tile will often be used to address low, or ‘soggy’ spots in the yard that can’t be fixed with simple grading. It may also be used to connect downspouts to carry water away to a lower spot in the yard, or even to the municipal storm system.
  • French Drainage – Also known as weeping tile, is a combination of gravel and drain tile. This combination begins with gravel in a trench followed by a perforated pipe. This merger does an excellent job of redirecting excess water from problem areas around the house and yard.
  • Sloped Yard Drainage – Is exactly like it sounds. Bringing in additional dirt to slope away from the house. Paying special attention around drains which remove water from gutters. The key here is to make sure the slope has the correct grade to do the required job.

Frequently, one of the above drainage options will provide a yard drainage solution for your Casco home. However, it may require a combination of solutions to resolve the root problem. No matter what your home requires, Greenway LS is the answer to your needs.

Frequently asked questions about yard drainage solutions

Whenever we talk to people about what we do, invariably there are questions. Oftentimes they are the same question, just phrased differently.  To help assist our customers, we  compile the list of the most often asked questions.

It depends on the extent of work involved. Greenway LS will often tell their customers there are numerous ways to complete the job. The minimal approach can and will correct the issue.  We will defer to this route and are confident it will take care of the problem. However, if the client wants additional assurance, we can add to the plan originally suggested. Typically, costs range from $1,000 to $10,000+

At Greenway LS we price everything based on linear foot of pipe, per catch basin, etc. We will provide you with the best solution for your need and charge appropriately. We are not fans of upselling our customers.  We prefer to work with honesty and integrity and to the highest standards possible.

 As we take our initial assessment, we make note of two especially important items. The condition of the yard, and how wet it is in its current state. Typically, the grass will be flattened and lightly beat up. Not to worry! We use a Luigi, which is designed to go on the grass with nominal force. After a couple of days, your grass will be back to its original state.

When surveyed, our customers realize with drainage work, some disruption to a lawn is necessary. Most of them are pleased that we perform the work with minimal impact.

Depending on the project, it could take a day, or a week. Typically, most of our projects are completed within 1 to 3 days. Once our initial interview is complete, we can give you a more accurate period for completing the work.

Yes, Greenway LS is fully licensed and insured. In Wisconsin it is required to be licensed as a “utility contractor,” to do any outdoor plumbing or sewer hookups. There are also state codes about what pipes to use…required slope…calculating GPM (gallons per minute), etc.  

Greenway LS believes in following the state regulations as another way to insure proper installation. We believe it gives the customer another layer of assurance the project will be completed according and up to code.

In addition, Greenway LS must submit to the county a plan for the work to be performed. Once they sign off, the permit (for the work) will be issued. All of this must be done before any work can begin.

By working with Greenway LS, this will not happen. Due to the initial assessment with the client, multiple options are presented. If money is a concern, we will fix the problem with what the client is comfortable spending. The caveat would be with less money initially spent; we may have to come back to do more work later.

The goal is to give multiple options to the customer. This way they make the decision either to spend more now or know the possibility of having to do additional work in the future. The point being is, Greenway LS will show them with each option how much and what to expect.

Depending on the size of the job, it could be up to three people. This includes the general contractor.

There are multiple reasons. Customer satisfaction. Especially when customers tell us how thrilled they are with the work we have done to correct their lawn drainage problems. We know we have help to resolve a concern.

Another one is figuring out realistic ways to solve a water problem without costing an arm and a leg. Some companies will come in and quote upwards to 50K for a project that involves massive house waterproofing. The problem is, once completed, there can still be flooding in a yard.

Our solution, for a fraction of the cost, is to divert the water from the property. This way the house stays dry and the water in the yard is gone.

In our line of work, we have seen massive over expenditures. Typically charged for correcting excessive water in and around the house. Our experience getting to the root of the problem the first time is best practice. Often there is a simple, and effective way to deal with the problem.

At Greenway LS it is important to us to preserve the lawns of our customers when doing a project.  When we complete a job, we want our clients like the job we have done from start to finish.  This includes putting back their yard as close to original as possible.

To assist us in keeping yard integrity, we use a machine called a Luigi.  Many companies will use a skid steer or an excavator to do drainage work. This does great damage to any yard by sometimes leaving large groves. We prefer the Luigi because it resembles a golf cart or a big zero turn mower.  The advantage here it’s designed for grass plus it won’t destroy the lawn.

We find our customers are very satisfied with the less invasive approach we take using the Luigi.

Greenway LS Leads the Way in Customer Service

Starting off, we hire employees that hold the same high standards that we set for ourselves. In doing so, we ensure that the work Greenway LS does will be consistent with each project. More importantly, it will be done honestly and with integrity.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients. Our employees understand the benefits of great customer relationships. We will provide honest evaluation of the work to done. Also, we will share with you, using our professional experience, your best option. Our number one job is to make sure you understand the full scope of what will occur, should we begin a project for you. Finally, we deliver on-time completion of your project, while staying within budget.

We are professional and guarantee high-quality and straightforward workmanship. In addition, we keep a detailed record of project discussions, thus continuing our commitment to the high standards we have set.

What our customers say:

“Joe listened to what I needed and came back with several ideas to choose from. He was patient, completed the job in a timely manner, and did an excellent job cleaning up. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”

- Barbra