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According to Angie’s List, 25% of customers have had to fire a contractor for poor quality or breach of contract. All too often a contractor is difficult and stressful. At Greenway LS, we provide our customers in Casco and northeast WI with an honest, professional experience from start to finish. We pride ourselves in our expertise and on delivering a high-quality, straightforward experience for every customer.

Greenway LS has many years of working with all kinds of drainage concerns. We work with our customers to deliver the best solution available. Above all else, our goal is to work within your budget and still deliver a positive answer that will work for you and your family.

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Have pooling water in your yard?

Have you ever noticed after a rain, water pooling around certain areas of your yard? Or, that your yard has both high and low spots, causing the rain to settle in those low spots? Over an extended period, this may do more than making your yard look unsightly. Additionally, it could be creating further damage that can hit you in the pocketbook.

Improper grading and drainage in a yard can cause extensive damage to a home’s driveway, sidewalks, patios, and basement foundations. Repairs for cracked and damaged foundations on average run between $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the extent of the damage. With preventative maintenance these problems can be easily avoided.

Greenway LS can provide you different solutions to address your unique problem. For example, if the issue is one of drainage, you may want to look at:

  • Gravel Drainage – The options include pea gravel, river rock, base gravel, or a combination of all the above.
  • Drain Tile – Much like your home’s sump pump, drain tile is the underground piping system that can absorb, hold, and carry water away from your yard and home. Drain tile will often be used to address low, or ‘soggy’ spots in the yard that can’t be fixed with simple grading. It may also be used to connect downspouts to carry water away to a lower spot in the yard, or even to the municipal storm system.
  • French Drainage – Also known as weeping tile, is a combination of gravel and drain tile. This combination begins with gravel in a trench followed by a perforated pipe. This merger does an excellent job of redirecting excess water from problem areas around the house and yard.
  • Sloped Yard Drainage – Is exactly like it sounds. Bringing in additional dirt to slope away from the house. Paying special attention around drains which remove water from gutters. The key here is to make sure the slope has the correct grade to do the required job.

Frequently, one of the above drainage options will solve your problem. However, it may require a combination of solutions to resolve the root problem. No matter what your home requires, Greenway LS is the answer to your needs.

Why Greenway LS?

Check out this scenario, you’ve been in your home for many years, or you’ve recently purchased a new home. You love your home but there’s a problem. It concerns the runoff after a rain. You are seeing low spots in the lawn, or water pooling where it shouldn’t around the foundation.

You know you’ve been putting it off but with the seasons changing there’s the potential to have actual damage to occur to your property. Damage that could end up costing you in the long run. It’s best to make this a priority and save money now before it’s too late

You’re first thought might be, who to call? 

Of course, you want a true professional. This is something that might seem silly, but oftentimes people will go the easy (i.e., inexpensive route) to save money. What seems like a budget fix can come back to hurt later on, when the entire system fails. 

At Greenway LS. We embody professionalism. We are a fully licensed utility contractor and bonded. This will allow us to work on the city/government owned land known as the easement between a sidewalk and road.

We follow the state code or the municipality code, whichever one is appropriate for your project. We also are fully insured. Plus, we have never failed an inspection. You see, we take pride in our work because this isn’t a side job to us. For more information, please contact us online. We guarantee a response within 48 hours.

Where To Begin?

But let’s get back to your problem. So where do you start? Greenway LS suggests starting with your municipality inspector. This person is certified to conduct inspections. (See the resources tab at the end of this article to find the major municipalities inspectors in your area.)

Once the municipality inspector mandates what work must be done, then permits will have to be pulled. This must be done before any work can begin. A homeowner is able to go to the courthouse to get the permits themselves, but sometimes gets bogged down in understanding the specific lingo of which permit is needed.

Greenway LS is able to pull the necessary permits, as they are familiar with the system. They will do this for their clients, and the additional permit cost is added to the overall project. Rest assured that the paperwork will be complete before beginning the project.

Some of the competitors in the area are still using the old ways of draining water from the lawn or around the foundation. Please note what was done 20 years ago, doesn’t work that way today. But more on that later.

We said it before, but Greenway LS is a fully licensed utility contractor, they are able to do things their competitors can’t. This means materials used are up to state code. In addition, Greenway LS collaborates with the inspectors. The inspectors understand what materials and techniques have the state code seal of approval. This working hand in hand with inspectors gives further proof of the integrity which goes into each project Greenway LS undertakes.

Shedding Light On Below Ground

Once permits are pulled, the project can begin. But wait! What is the best solution for your particular drainage problem? Joe, at Greenway LS will go over the possible scenarios that can work for you. Factored into this is the budget you want to work within. However, with that said, Joe will also give you his best advice and lay out multiple plans with pros and cons for each option discussed.

For instance, Greenway LS can make a connection to storm drain water under the road. Some companies will use a “T-angle” or right angles connection. This is no longer up to code. The new, improved way is to use a “Y-angle” attachment.

The reason for the Y-angle is that it will move water faster and more freely than that of a T-angle. Greenway LS only does Y-angles. Another distinction about Greenway LS is how they use green pipes. This moves a lot of water fast and ties directly into the sewer.

Speaking of water, Greenway LS systems collect water and move it off the property, so it isn’t stored anywhere on your land.

Fewer Sewer Problems

There is a new term becoming popular in the world of connecting a home or business to a sewer line. It’s call Lateral Drainage. Basically, it is a lateral pipe coming from the sump pump to the sewer. This is also an important part for road development.

In most municipalities, a homeowner owns the lateral from the house to where it connects into the sewer system. Over time, these laterals may become clogged with tree roots and debris, causing the wastewater from your house to not flow properly. It’s something that Greenway LS is familiar with and has answers and solutions for you. Reach out to us online for quick response (within 48 hours tops).

No More Tears, A Dry Basement Is Here

Have you been having problems with a wet or damp basement? Frequently, a typical contractor will say the basement needs waterproofing. And this is true if the water doesn’t drain in the yard properly. But this is also a very costly fix, that could cost thousands of dollars. This is another reason you should call Greenway LS. You see Joe loves to problem solve and finding solutions for his clients is his passion. Yes, you may need to waterproof the basement, but it could also be a matter of making sure the water has a proper way to drain away from the basement. Proper drainage is a fraction of the cost of basement waterproofing, and definitely worth to consider. And remember, Joe will reply to all online inquires with 48 hours, guaranteed.

Our Luigi Beats Super Mario Luigi Any Day

Greenway LS loves their Luigi. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. It does everything. It will do all the heavy digging and has multiple attachments. Besides digging (and digging out drains) it moves material, and trenches. After digging the drain, Luigi will smooth out the dirt. 

Other companies will use a skid steer to do the work Greenway LS does. This can damage a homeowner’s yard, leaving it in an unsightly mess. The absolute best thing about Luigi is that it weighs half the weight of a skid steer. When we work with Luigi, your yard will not be torn up with unsightly grooves.

But here is the secret. Greenway LS uses turf tires, exclusive from Virginia. This is what makes our finished work look so amazing. We have customer testimonials on their satisfaction with how their lawns look after we are finished.

For further inquiry on what we and Luigi can do for you. Reach out to us online and our pledge to you is to return your call within 48 hours.

Our bottom line is that we enjoy what we do. We have a code of conduct we adhere to and try to do so without breaking your bank account.

Greenway LS Leads the Way in Customer Service

Starting off, we hire employees that hold the same high standards that we set for ourselves. In doing so, we ensure that the work Greenway LS does will be consistent with each project. More importantly, it will be done honestly and with integrity.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients. Our employees understand the benefits of great customer relationships. We will provide honest evaluation of the work to done. Also, we will share with you, using our professional experience, your best option. Our number one job is to make sure you understand the full scope of what will occur, should we begin a project for you. Finally, we deliver on-time completion of your project, while staying within budget.

We are professional and guarantee high-quality and straightforward workmanship. In addition, we keep a detailed record of project discussions, thus continuing our commitment to the high standards we have set.

Frequently asked questions about yard drainage solutions

Whenever we talk to people about what we do, invariably there are questions. Oftentimes they are the same question, just phrased differently.  To help assist our customers, we  compile the list of the most often asked questions.

It depends on the extent of work involved. Greenway LS will often tell their customers there are numerous ways to complete the job. The minimal approach can and will correct the issue.  We will defer to this route and are confident it will take care of the problem. However, if the client wants additional assurance, we can add to the plan originally suggested. Typically, costs range from $1,000 to $10,000+

At Greenway LS we price everything based on linear foot of pipe, per catch basin, etc. We will provide you with the best solution for your need and charge appropriately. We are not fans of upselling our customers.  We prefer to work with honesty and integrity and to the highest standards possible.

 As we take our initial assessment, we make note of two especially important items. The condition of the yard, and how wet it is in its current state. Typically, the grass will be flattened and lightly beat up. Not to worry! We use a Luigi, which is designed to go on the grass with nominal force. After a couple of days, your grass will be back to its original state.

When surveyed, our customers realize with drainage work, some disruption to a lawn is necessary. Most of them are pleased that we perform the work with minimal impact.

Depending on the project, it could take a day, or a week. Typically, most of our projects are completed within 1 to 3 days. Once our initial interview is complete, we can give you a more accurate period for completing the work.

Yes, Greenway LS is fully licensed and insured. In Wisconsin it is required to be licensed as a “utility contractor,” to do any outdoor plumbing or sewer hookups. There are also state codes about what pipes to use…required slope…calculating GPM (gallons per minute), etc.  

Greenway LS believes in following the state regulations as another way to insure proper installation. We believe it gives the customer another layer of assurance the project will be completed according and up to code.

In addition, Greenway LS must submit to the county a plan for the work to be performed. Once they sign off, the permit (for the work) will be issued. All of this must be done before any work can begin.

By working with Greenway LS, this will not happen. Due to the initial assessment with the client, multiple options are presented. If money is a concern, we will fix the problem with what the client is comfortable spending. The caveat would be with less money initially spent; we may have to come back to do more work later.

The goal is to give multiple options to the customer. This way they make the decision either to spend more now or know the possibility of having to do additional work in the future. The point being is, Greenway LS will show them with each option how much and what to expect.

Depending on the size of the job, it could be up to three people. This includes the general contractor.

There are multiple reasons. Customer satisfaction. Especially when customers tell us how thrilled they are with the work we have done to correct their lawn drainage problems. We know we have help to resolve a concern.

Another one is figuring out realistic ways to solve a water problem without costing an arm and a leg. Some companies will come in and quote upwards to 50K for a project that involves massive house waterproofing. The problem is, once completed, there can still be flooding in a yard.

Our solution, for a fraction of the cost, is to divert the water from the property. This way the house stays dry and the water in the yard is gone.

In our line of work, we have seen massive over expenditures. Typically charged for correcting excessive water in and around the house. Our experience getting to the root of the problem the first time is best practice. Often there is a simple, and effective way to deal with the problem.

At Greenway LS it is important to us to preserve the lawns of our customers when doing a project.  When we complete a job, we want our clients like the job we have done from start to finish.  This includes putting back their yard as close to original as possible.

To assist us in keeping yard integrity, we use a machine called a Luigi.  Many companies will use a skid steer or an excavator to do drainage work. This does great damage to any yard by sometimes leaving large groves. We prefer the Luigi because it resembles a golf cart or a big zero turn mower.  The advantage here it’s designed for grass plus it won’t destroy the lawn.

We find our customers are very satisfied with the less invasive approach we take using the Luigi.

What our customers say:

“Joe listened to what I needed and came back with several ideas to choose from. He was patient, completed the job in a timely manner, and did an excellent job cleaning up. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”

- Barbra